New Me Resolutions


As I type this it’s March 2nd 2016 so I can appreciate this is pretty late for someone to be making New Year’s resolutions. But then again, why not? Let’s just call them New “Me” resolutions instead.

So here goes. My New Me resolutions: read more and write more.

…Pretty simple I know but I always think it’s better to be realistic than to set resolutions that may be great aspirations but are ultimately too much.

I arrived at my resolutions because of two things: I haven’t read a book in about 4 months (that should say hadn’t because since I decided this was one of my resolutions, I’ve read both Feast for Crows and Dance with Dragons Part 1…) and I hadn’t written anything original in about the same amount of time.

Since I’ve been following my resolutions (about a month ago), I’ve been doing pretty well. They’ve been massively helped by the fact that I’ve got myself a new job as a medical copywriter which is about an hour and a half from door-to-door. Not only does it obviously help me achieve my writing goals (it’s not cheating if it’s your job right?) but it also gives me the time to read on my commute.

Smaller resolutions

I do have some other, smaller resolutions. For one, I’ve started a new weightlifting program called Wendler 5-3-1. My aim is to get through the 12 cycles that it consists of, which is about a year’s worth of training. So far I’m loving it and it’s giving me back a lot of the confidence I had lost. It’s a strength and power program focussed around 4 main powerlifting movements: deadlift, bench press, squat and military press. Every set and rep count is calculated off of a one-rep max which gradually increases as you get through the cycles. Because of that, after a few cycles, you’re lifting weights you never thought you possibly could – a feeling which I can safely say I am now entirely addicted to.

Hand-in-hand with the weight training comes a healthy diet. I know, it’s boring as hell, but hey, if it helps me get stronger and better in the gym then I’m keeping my diet as healthy as I can!

Old habits…

My anxiety was obviously going to come into my resolutions somewhere along the line, but I suppose me coping with it is more of an ongoing thing. I’ve just started a high-intensity CBT course which I hope will add to the help my low-intensity course gave me last year. The low-intensity course worked wonders for me so I haven’t really been too aware of my anxiety over the past few months. I suppose the last time was around Christmas time when there were plenty of social events occurring. I say that, but since I started this new job at the start of February, I have noticed a few of my anxiety traits creeping in… but I’ll leave that until next time.

For now, this is enough of a catch-up. Hopefully this will be the beginning of me writing posts more often. As I type, this is on a new Chromebook I treated myself to for this very purpose…

That sounds ridiculous but it’s OK – it only cost me £100 👍

Speak soon.


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