New Year, new resolutions


It’s that time of year again – time to set some new resolutions.

Like seemingly most people, 2016 isn’t one I’m particularly eager to remember (not least because I was a Remainer and I bloody loved Alan Rickman in everything I ever saw him in).

That isn’t to say that 2016 was a bad year for me. On the contrary, I got myself a new job and I’ve made some progress towards moving on with my life. In that sense, it’s been a bit of a forgetful, part-of-a-larger-puzzle kind of year, rather than one that’s been full of incredible, life-changing events.

In a way, that’s a good thing though. It just means that this year will be when all of last year’s progress will pay off. I’ve got some pretty high hopes about getting a new job pretty soonish, I’m currently looking for a flat to rent my with girlfriend, and I’m determined to finally get in shape (which I made some pretty good progress doing last year up until about mid-November, at which point I decided to pig out until New Year’s…).

New targets

So what are my new resolutions? Looking back on my targets last year, my two biggest aims were to read more and write more. Well, I’ve read a few books and graphic novels this year which I’m going to say is enough to have achieved the former goal, and I’ve written a pretty decent amount of blog posts on here so I’d say the latter goal was achieved too.

As well as those two goals though, I had a couple of other, smaller targets. I wanted to complete a 12-month weightlifting programme which unfortunately I didn’t (I got 9 months into it which I would say is a pretty good effort), and I wanted to eat healthier which, again, I lasted a good 9 months doing. Again, I’m pretty happy with the effort I made.

This year, I’m going to continue with last year’s aims. I want to read even more, I want to write even more, and I want to get healthier. On top of those resolutions though, I have a few more to add, based on the past few months:

  • See my friends more – my recent birthday party in London just reminded me how much I used to enjoy my friends’ company and, although it’s getting more and more difficult the older we all get, I think it’s important to rekindle the friendships we all had.
  • Move out of my mum’s house – the past year has made me realise just how much I yearn for the next chapter of my life. I want to get moving with the next chapter of my life and move in somewhere with my girlfriend.
  • Spend more quality time with myself – I’ve always felt a bit guilty if I have a night alone to myself but actually, I’m starting to realise just how helpful they are for letting me get things done and think things through properly. I’ve had quite a lot of holiday from work over November and December which have given me the time to really start to get into gear with developing a project I’m working on (which hopefully I’ll be sharing with you at some point this year…).
  • Slow down – this is more a general aim but I’ve noticed I have a tendency to want to do things as fast as possible. Whether that’s reading a book, travelling somewhere or having a conversation – I always veer on the side of reaching the end goal rather than enjoying the journey. I started doing mindfulness meditation halfway through last year with an app called Headspace which really helped me appreciate slowing down through daily 10-minute meditation breaks. Unfortunately, it slowly became an afterthought rather than something to prioritise, but I’m going to make a concerted effort to start it up again.

So like last year, I’m keeping my goals grounded and fairly simple, hopefully meaning I can achieve them or at least make a decent attempt to.

In general, I’m unusually optimistic about 2017 (which is pretty weird seeing as I’m a born pessimist). Here’s to it being as memorable a year as I hope.

Speak soon.


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